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Front cover of Asuka 120% Excellent BURNING Fest..

FM-TOWNS版あすか120%エクセレント VSMODE 本田飛鳥

FM-TOWNS版あすか120%エクセレント VSMODE 本田飛鳥

Gameplay video of the VS MODE played with Asuka Honda.

Asuka 120% Excellent BURNING Fest. (あすか120%エクセレント BURNING Fest.) is the second title and first revision of the franchise. It was released for both the Fujitsu FM Towns and Fujitsu FM Towns Marty on December 22, 1994, several months after the original.

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The first Asuka 120% upgrade benefits from an improved 'Adventure' mode and enhanced sound and presentation thanks in great part to the FM Towns' CD-Rom medium.

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